Arrow Slot

An empty Arrow Slot

There are five different types of arrows in the game which can be used with either a Wooden Bow, a Fire Bow or a Crystal Bow. Arrows can mainly be obtained from Chests or Crafting.

Crafting Edit

Stone Arrow (deals +1 DEX damage)

Refined stone + Wooden Stick = 5 x Stone Arrow

Bone Arrow (deals +1 DEX damage)

Refined bone + Wooden Stick = 5 x Bone Arrow

Iron Arrow (deals +4 DEX damage)

Ironite bar + Wooden Stick = 5 x Iron Arrow

Goldium Arrow (deals +11 DEX damage)

Goldmium Bar + Wooden Stick = 5 x Goldium Arrow

Diamonite Arrow (deals +20 DEX damage)

Diamonite Bar + Wooden Stick = 5 x Diamonite Arrow

Usage Edit

  • Equip any kind of arrows into the arrow slot next to the stats
  • Holding a bow, use the right mouse button to immediately shoot an arrow (no charging required)

Equipment Slots

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Arrows are not affected by gravity
  • Shooting arrows doesn't decrease the bow's durability
  • Arrows that do not hit mobs can be picked up again
  • Picked up arrows will be equipped automatically when of the same type as the currently equipped ones
  • Arrows seem to be one of the only items that can be stacked higher than 99 pieces in the inventory
  • Arrows could also be used as a money making strategy, since you craft 5 at a time meaning 5x the money. Works best with Miner Cap, as you get more ores to make arrows.
  • If an arrow hits a wall at the same time as it hits an enemy, then the arrow will hit the enemy, but can still be used again.