Artisan LCK Experiment Edit

I have tested the artisan skill actually affects the probability of creating a blue, yellow, or purple item verses the standard white one. I have concluded that it does work.

The Experiment Edit


The experiment is that I chose a noble with the artisan skill (I chose noble because it starts with a stone ax) and I cut down a bunch of trees in the first biome and made a bunch of axes. I recorded how many of each blue, yellow, purple and white I crafted. Next I did the same thing with a character that did not have the artisan skill.

The Results Edit


These are my results:

With Artisan

  • 14 Blue 11.67% chance
  • 6 Yellow 5% chance
  • 6 Purple 5% chance
  • 94 White 78% chance

Without Artisan

  • 11 Blue 8.27% chance
  • 0 Yellow 0% chance
  • 4 Purple 3.01% chance
  • 118 White 88.72% chance

My Conclusion Edit

I have concluded that the probabilities are most likely as follows:

With Artisan

  • PurpleAxe-0
    14 Blue 10% chance
  • 6 Yellow 5% chance
  • 6 Purple 5% chance
  • 94 White 80% chance

Without Artisan

  • 11 Blue 6% chance
  • 0 Yellow 2% chance
  • 4 Purple 2% chance
  • 118 White 90% chance

The +10 LCK most likely refers to the reduction between the white probabilities and then I just filled in the rest of the percentages into the remaining tiers. If anyone else conducts an experiment such as myself feel free to message me (jjbrown17) and we can discuss edits to this page. Thanks.

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