Magicite is a long, hard, and overall challenging game. This guide will hopefully teach you how to get past the game and beat the game (at least)once.

In depth information for hats, traits, and races are at the bottom of the page

General info about playstyles Edit

There are 3 major playstyles in Magicite

Warrior Edit

You fight with Swords/Great Axes and wear metal armor (made directly from bars at the blacksmith), You NEED a very high ATK stat. This is by far the most difficult playstyle, most bosses are ranged and/or have very high damage on touch, the Scourge Wall does 70 damage on touch in almost every case you will die from touching it.9 bars of a given type are needed to make a full set of armor.

Sword hilt=Wood plank + Stick

Archer Edit

You fight with Bow*/Arrows and wear Leather armor (made from Refined Leather* and bars at the Leatherworker), To do effective damage you need a high DEX stat. This playstyle is easier than Warrior but more limited & less damaging than Mage in most cases. It is necessary to keep a large stock of arrows, stone at first but once you have a set of iron armor. Then convert your extra iron bars into arrows and turn all subsequent iron bars into iron arrows. Although a Wooden bow is sufficient better bows and come from chests. The Laser crossbow is broken it only does 1 damage and it spends Mana to use.9 Bars of a given type and 6 refined leather are needed to make a full set of armor.

Crystal bow: + 6 DEX, Crystal biome chests

Fire Bow: + 3 DEX and +30% damage, Golden Chests

Stone Arrow= +DEX 1

Iron arrow= +DEX 4

Gold arrow=+DEX 11

Diamonite arrows= +DEX 20

Helpful crafting recipes for Archers* Edit

Refined leather= Monster hide + Monster hide

unstrung bow= Pick handle + Stick

Wooden bow= Unstrung bow + String

String= Web +Web

Mage Edit

You fight with Staves/Legendary Swords and wear Cloth armor (made from Refined cloth* and bars at the Tailor). To use magic effectively you need a high MAG stat, because your MAG stat determines how many times you can cast spells in addition to how much damage you deal. This CAN be the most effective playstyle for beating the game but for beginners it’s not recommended with the right Hats and races though.

Fire Ball: Damage=to MAG, passes through walls, fires in the direction your facing, directly in front of you

Bolt:Damage=to MAG Passes through walls, Fires above & below you

Frostshard:damage=to ½ MAG, Circles around Character

<Summon zombie>Spawns zombies that run in the direction your facing and deal 5 damage when they run into things as well as pushing enemies back, only found in golden chests or with the scourgeling race.

Helpful crafting recipes for Mages Edit

Bug net= Net + Stick

Net=String + String

Elemental gem= 2 bugs of the same type

Staff=Elemental gem + Stick

Refined cloth=Monster pelt + monster pelt

Guides for each playstyle Edit

Warrior Edit

  • Not recommended unless going for certain races/hats/companions
  • You want to play the Spirit race or something that starts with a weapon and gets bonus ATK
  • Avoid Craters and Volcanoes, because they have very powerful ranged and flying enemies
  • proactively upgrade your weapon when you can BUT pick is first priority then armor and then weapon
  • HP giving traits are very important because you are going to be close to your enemies and you are most likely going to take more damage than if your playing a archer or a mage.
  • Velts are good sources of goldium
  • You want to have the best weapon possible and the best armor possible and a diamonite pick
  • Crystalite Shards are the most effective way to kill the boss but to mine them you need a diamonite pick
  1. Get a wood pick if starting with an axe or collect 5 bones and make a bone axe
  2. get stone until you can make a stone pick , hopefully in the first dungeon
  3. Collect ironite at least 4 ore
  4. upgrade your pick to ironite and get as much ironite armor possible,pick is first priority
  5. Collect goldium at least 4 ore
  6. Upgrade your pick to goldium and upgrade armor only if you have extra
  7. Collect as much diamonite as possible before district 20
  8. Make diamonite armor when posssible

Archer Edit

  • Best for beginners
  • Lockmaster and swift or potion brewer are the best traits to take, HP giving traits aren't super helpful
  • The Dwelf race starts with a strung bow and get +4 DEX but also gets -1 HP
  • The swamp biome gives lots of monster hide
  • The Robbin hood hat is very helpful because it gives bonus DEX
  • Dungeon biomes are very helpful for getting the scourge shield +3 HP +5 ATK +5 DEX as well as getting archer's rings +8 DEX -2 HP and the fire bow but the lockmaster trait is needed for the shield and the bow
  • Your Arrows are one of the most important things to keep upgraded once you have your pick and armor up 1 tier form your arrows start making that type arrow because you don't need it for anything else
  • Don't bother making a diamonite pick the crystalite Shards aren't very helpful
  • Velts are good sources of goldium
  • Dungeons have lots of diamonite
  • Mimics seem to frequently drop diamonite bars or Luminous leather/cloth
  1. Start by making a wood pick and getting it upgraded to stone ASAP
  2. make stone arrows and collect ironite
  3. make a ironite pick ASAP
  4. if you have the monster hide make whatever armor that you can but don't bother with stone
  5. once you have iron armor / a iron pick start making iron arrows and start collecting gold
  6. Make a gold pick ASAP
  7. upgrade armor if possible
  8. once you have a gold set of armor & a gold pick start making gold arrows, Start collecting diamonite
  9. Make diamonite armor when possible
  10. Make diamonite arrows after you have diamonite armor or you can't make any armor before district 20

Mage Edit

  • Is limited to specific Attack areas (I.e straight in front of you, above and below you, a ring around you
  • Pelt is a rare drop
  • a bug net is required before staves can be crafted
  • Velts have lots of pelt and gold
  • the intelligent trait gives bonus MAG
  • the potion brewer trait lets you have lots of big potions for healing and recovering mana
  • The Wizard beard hat sometime make you not spend mana upon attacking with a staff
  • the Magician hat give you a chance upon level up to gain an extra MAG
  • Spiders are the only mobs that drop webs but gather spots can also drop them
  • The Nobel race starts with a stone axe and gets +1 MAG
  • The Earthkin race starts with armor and gets +1 MAG and +1 ATK, which is helpfull both early on and late game
  • The Scourgeling race get +4 MAG and starts with the Summon Zombie staff but no axe or pickaxe NOT RECOMMENDED

bold text means it's specific to playing the scourgeling

The districts written in () are the earliest and latest i've completed the goals and still beaten the game

  1. Chop trees|kill everything in the dungeons until you can buy an axe of some kind the earlier the better(districts 1-2)(districts 1-4)
  2. Make a wood pickaxe|make a wooden sword(districts 1-3)
  3. Mine rocks and upgrade to stone(districts 2-4)|make a bug net if possible(districts 3-10)
  4. Mine rocks collect ironite|Upgrade you sword to stone(districts 5-7)| collect bug spots until you can make at least one staff(district 6-13)
  5. Make an ironite pickaxe|Make ironite armor|upgrade sword to ironite(districts 5-9)| collect bug spots until you can make the remaining staves(districts 6-16)
  6. Collect goldium|Make Goldium pickaxe| Make goldium armor| Upgrade sword to goldium(districts 10-13)
  7. Collect Diamonite| Make Diamonite armor(districts 14-19)

Tool Tables Edit

Races Edit

Name Qualities Starting Items Unlock
HP +1 1 Wooden Axe

2 Random Items

( default character )
HP +1

MAG +1

1 Stone Axe 20% Unlock chance after slaying 15 monsters in a single playthrough.
HP -1

ATK +2

1 Bone Sword

1 Bone Pickaxe

20% chance to unlock after mining 20 ores in a single playthrough.
HP -1

DEX +4

1 Wooden Axe

1 Wooden Bow

1 Random Item

20% Unlock chance after acquiring your first skill within a single playthrough.
ATK +1 1 Wooden Axe

1 Stone Great Axe

20% unlock chance after aquiring your second skill in a playthrough.
ATK +1

DEX +1

MAG +1

1 Wooden Axe

1 Bone Armor

1 Random Item

20% Unlock chance after reaching District 10 within a single playthough.


ATK +1

DEX +3

1 Wooden Axe

1 Ring of Balance

1 Ring of Power

50% Unlock chance after visiting the Crater Biome.
ATK +1

DEX +3

MAG +1

1 Stone Pick

1 Emerald Katana

Unlocked by naming your character something ... (Name them "Roguelands" to honor the developer's newest game)
MAG +4 Summon Zombie Unlocked after opening a total (over every game) of 20 golden chests.
HP +5
ATK +15
1 Golden Sword

1 Wooden Axe

Unlocked after defeating Secret Boss Spirit Knight, Axelark III.

Hats Edit

Name Image Bonuses Objective  % to Unlock
Gatherer Headband Gatherer headband 25% chance of acquiring a random item when gathering ingredients. Collect 10 plants in a single playthrough. 20%
Miner Cap Miner cap 25% chance of obtaining an additional ore when mining. Mine 10 ores in a single playthrough 20%
Beserker Scarf Beserker scarf 33% chance upon leveling up to gain an additional ATK stat. Defeat 10 enemies in a single playthrough 100%
Robin Hood Hat Robin Hood hat 33% chance upon leveling up to gain an additional DEX stat. Shoot 100 arrows in a single playthrough 20%
Magician Hat Magician hat 33% chance upon leveling up to gain an additional MAG stat. Craft any magical staff in a playthrough 20%
Bunny Ears Bunny ears Ability to triple jump. Play through Tundra Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Bat Wing Bat wing The wearer becomes insanely quick on their feet! Dash distance is doubled. Play through Cave Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Tyrannox Hat Tyrannox hat Summon highly toxic meteors when attacking with bare hands (attack based on MAG. Consumes 1 Mana). Defeat a Tyrannox in a single playthrough. 20%
Wasp Glasses Wasp glasses Slows falling for hero. Increases running speed. Destroy a beehive in a single playthrough. 20%
Tiki Mask Tiki mask 50% chance of gaining 3 HP or losing 1 HP when entering a new district. Play through Swamp Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Wizard Beard Wizard Beard Casting spell have a 66% chance of not consuming mana. Choose all magical skills. 100%
Shroom Hat Shroom hat Upon taking damage, 20% chance of dropping a random ingredient from the hat. Visit Veldt Biome (finishing level not required).


Spider Egg Spider egg Upon being hit, there is a 10% chance that a Broodmother Spider will spawn. Defeat a Broodmother 20%
Skeleton Mask Skeleton mask A cursed Skeleton mask. Visit Dungeon Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Dragon Hat Dragon hat Attacking bare handed will shoot a fireball (damage based on Mag) consumes 1 Mana. Visit Volcano Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Scourge Mask Scourge mask Your HP will be drained by 1 every 2 minutes. Visit Scourge Lair (finishing level not required). 20%
Frost Crown Frost crown 20% chance to recover Hp when recovering a Mana point. Defeat Ice Queen. 20%
Viking Helm Viking helm 10% chance on attack to summon a giant Viking Axe to deal double ATK damage. Choose all Warrior Skills. 100%
Black Dragon Helm Black Dragon Helm For the wearer, dashes and jumps no longer cost stamina. Defeat Black Dragon. 100%
Skeleton King Hood Skeleton King hood Summon skeletons when attacking bare handed. (Consumes one mana) Defeat Skeleton King. 100%
Pirate Hat Pirate hat Grants double the amount of gold for the wearer. Defeat Percyl. 100%

Traits Edit

Name Effect
Aggressive +2 ATK, -1 DEF
Artisan +10 LCK when crafting weapons or gear.
Big Eater Hunger cap is doubled.
Defensive +4 HP, -1 ATK
Gatherer 50% chance to collect twice as many ingredients when gathering. (Note: This only pertains to grass patches.)
Healthy +2 HP
Intelligent +2 MAG
Lockmaster Allows you to open Golden Chests
Potion Brewer 50% chance to craft big potions with only basic ingredients.
Swift +2 DEX

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