This guide is for beginners who wants to play in multiplayer mode. Basic concepts such as Crafting won't be mentioned in it.

Host a Game Edit

  1. Download an online matchmaking program compatible with Magicite, like Hamachi.
  2. Open a group.
  3. Back to Magicite,click Host in Multiplayer.
  4. Create your character.
  5. Wait other player to join,and then start a game.

Join a Game Edit

  1. Download an online matchmaking program compatible with Magicite, like Hamachi.
  2. Join a group.
  3. Back to Magicite, in the Multiplayer menu, click ''add a server''.
  4. Enter your friends' server aHmachi IP.(25.xxxxxxxx)
  5. Click add a server.
  6. Click the sign with the IP on it.
  7. Create your character.
  8. Wait and enjoy your game with your friends.

Must Read Edit

  1. You better have communication with your friends. (Skype,etc.)
  2. You cannot join after the game started.
  3. You can only add 3 servers in the multiplayer menu.(You can remove them and add a new one)
  4. The more players in a server, the more HP the monsters have.
  5. It is recommended to start a server with only 2-3 players in.

Builds Edit

  1. It is recommended that at least one player plays as an archer or a wizard.
  2. The Berserker needs minerals to make swords, you can simply rush and get weapons from chests, too.
  3. The Archer needs stones and sticks for arrows, and at least one string for a bow (unless you are a Dwelf).
  4. The Wizard needs 4 webs to make a net to catch bugs,in order to make gems for wands.

Tips Edit

  1. Firestarters can be only used by one player in the same time.
  2. Keep a distance with your friend when using a firestarter.
  3. You can save your friends by pressing W when you are 'standing on their body'.
  4. It takes 3 seconds to revive your friends,you cannot move during the process.
  5. When all players died, the game is over.
  6. Any one entering the next district portal will make every other player teleport to the next district. Dead players will be teleported to the next district with 1 HP and 0 gold.
  7. Diversify the traits with your friends. For example, one of you can be a Potion Brewer and can be in charge of making potions for the whole team, another one can be an Artisan and be in charge of crafting weapons, etc..
  8. If there isn't any ranged attack in your team,avoid entering the Dungeon,Tundra,Volcano,Crystal Quarry and Crater biomes.
  9. The Dire Wolf perk will push your friends and can drag them into enemies.
  10. While attacking an enemy with melee attacks in team,don't stand on each sides of the the monster, as the knock-back will surely push the mob towards you or your teammate on the opposite side.

(This page isn't finished yet, your own editing is welcomed)

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