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Black Dragon
Black Dragon Attacking
Biome: Volcano
ATK: 1
HP: 50
Experience: 800
Is Ranged: no
Attack: 3 Spreading Projectiles

The Black Dragon has the ability to fly, but can pass through walls like the Broodmother Spider. It attacks by shooting 3 purple balls, and also charges slowly. 

Upon defeat, unlocks the Black Dragon Hat.

Strategy Edit

Melee is a good way...

To get you killed, that is.

The Black Dragon moves around in a similar pattern to a normal dragon, and deals loads of damage with projectiles, so your best bet is to use ranged weapons. If you have no arrows or wands yet, it would be best to completely avoid it.

Magic is probably the best option, as they pass through blocks, but bows and arrows will do fine as well. However, it will follow you around so the best option is to lure it into places where you can easily hit it, and maybe even use Vials of Poison, which can deal large amounts of damage.

Drops Edit

Volcano Monsters
Dragon - Fire Ox - Fire Imp - Black Dragon