• ObsidianPig


    January 29, 2017 by ObsidianPig

    Hi world!

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  • LogicalCookie


    June 25, 2015 by LogicalCookie

    Does anyone have an idea of whether Sean'll continue to develop Magicite, or just focus on his other games? As of now, quite a few people have 'Not Recommended' Magicite on Steam due to the fact that it's lacking content and the simplicity was overdone, especially in terms of crafting.

    Frankly, I feel the same way too.

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  • ObservedCube

    Lovin the Wiki

    May 4, 2015 by ObservedCube

    First time really being on this wiki and just decided to make a blog for the badge but yea its kinda fun being on something social for once.

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  • Hewwy the Yud


    March 29, 2015 by Hewwy the Yud


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  • Jackyrobins

    Perhaps one of the scariest parts about opening a business is spending lots of money on marketing techniques that may or may not work.  Marketing techniques are never a sure thing.  One method might work really well for one company, and not at all for another.  Ultimately it is up to the company to determine what will work best for them, and they can do so by analyzing the market they are trying to reach out to, as well as the community they are located in.  There are a few marketing techniques that have been around for a while, though, and they continue to show success in one way or another.  Here are some marketing options that all companies should consider.

    Local marketing strategies

    Flyers and posters seem to be a marketing strategy for …

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  • XXInsert Name HereXx


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  • XXInsert Name HereXx

    Hi guys

    just telling all of you that you can post ideas for the new update. your ideas could actually be part of the game in the next update simply by sending them to through your E-mail.

    thanks for reading and be sure to post on my page

    bye and thanks again

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  • TheTechnicalMage

    Hello, if sean, or any developers see this, I would like you to know that i am willing to help out in any type of magicite development. I dont personaly care if i code or sprite, I would just love to contribute to this awesome game. If any of you see this, please contact me at

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  • Selltheworld

    monster page

    July 21, 2014 by Selltheworld

    The Forest Biome is always the 1st district. The obstacles of this biome are spiky blocks that move up and down dealing 1 damage. Bee hive and vines can be found in this biome, although vines cause No harm to the Player Character

    The Swamp Biome is a biome available at the 1st district. The Biome can be very difficult if the player tries to rush through it. Swamps contain purple flowers that shoot bubbles straight up which deal one point of damage.

    The tundra biome is a biome available at the 1st district. It is probably the most dangerous biome of the first district because of the yeti and the falling sNowballs

    The Cave biome is indicated by a purple entranceway. There are No natural obstacles in the cave, but there are spider eggs. Though h…

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  • Selltheworld


    July 20, 2014 by Selltheworld


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  • CliffracerX

    Stuff n' things

    July 8, 2014 by CliffracerX

    I've been trying to fight vandals (there's a lot of them), and generally being busy working on Minecraft mods (Clay Soldiers to be specific), and also playing Magicite now and then.

    The crafting page is having major vandal attacks right now.  :/

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  • Selltheworld

    another speedrun

    July 7, 2014 by Selltheworld

    Jeu another amazing speedrun.

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  • Selltheworld

    youtube video

    July 5, 2014 by Selltheworld

    Check this video out. I am not sure if he really did it in 6 minutes, but the combo of Bat Wing and Floaty Slime  seems lovely :)

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  • AccelTempest

    I found a couple of bugs in-game with my friends and they can be found here , and here . Anyone else encounter funny bugs?

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  • AccelTempest

    At this currant time i know for a fact i have bought something within game, like something worth 500 gold or 40 gold, but despite this it says 0 items bought on logbook, and even after i die it says 0 items bought? Not only that but i know i have defeated a boss before and yet it says 0 bosses defeated? I know i have at least killed Pecyle the penguin. Is it bugged or has it yet to be implemented?

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  • Theaxemaster

    the future and the axe

    February 26, 2014 by Theaxemaster

    Hello everyone  I have a little question for you (sorry if I make mistake but I am french). what would you want to see in the future of magicite? personally I would like to see:

    big vial of poison (vial of poison + vial of poison). more damage and larger area than vial of poison.

    root + root = vial of poison.

    flower petal (can be gathered)

    flower petal + flower petal = ATK potion (give +5 ATK for 15 seconds)

    flower petal + root = DEX potion (give +5 DEX for 15 seconds)

    flower petal + shroom = MAG potion (give +5 MAG for 15 seconds)

    flower petal + herb = INC potion (can't loose hp for 5 seconds)

    big ATK / DEX / MAG potion (give + 7 --- for 30 seconds)

    big INC potion (can't loose hp for 12 seconds)

    shroom + herb = magic regeneration

    air bug (new bug)


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