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Broodmother Spider
Biome: Cave
ATK: 1
HP: 30
Experience: 100
Is Ranged: no
Attack: FlyingCharge

The Broodmother is indigenous to the cave biome and will be spawned if the player destroys three of her eggs. Eggs can be destroyed by projectiles, sword swings, or simply walking over them. A Broodmother will be spawned every time three eggs are destroyed, meaning there can be many on the screen at once.


It is heavily advised to use a ranged weapon against her, so either bring magic or arrows. Find a semi-flat area so that the Broodmother will not be running into the ground or ceiling, becoming unhittable. If you have no ranged weapons, she does only 3 damage, so it would not be horrible to be hit a time or two by her.

Since the Broodmother can travel through walls, magic may be your best option as they ignore wall collision as well, and picking up arrows that have missed may result in getting hit more times. However, if they hit even more eggs, you could face the possibility of dealing with more than one at a time.

If your damage is not high enough, you could also find yourself wasting a lot of time dealing with them, so it may be better to reach the end of the biome before intentionally spawning them, so that even if Scourge Guardians invade since you've spent over 5 minutes in the biome, you can quickly go to the next district safely.


Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the boss of the cave biome, it deals less damage than the purple spiders commonly found in this biome.
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