To gather bugs you need a Bug Net.

Bug Net Recipe: Net (String + String) + Wooden Stick

Bugs are used to create gems that are then used to create wand/spells or upgrade the Zweihander. Bugs can be found in most biomes, appearing as blue squares flying above a gray bush.


  • Gem: Bug + Bug (of same type)
  • Wand/Spell: Gem + Wooden Stick
  • Zweihander Elemental Upgrade: Zweihander + Gem
  • Stat Boost Drums: Tribal Drum + Bug
Bug Gem Wand/Spell Zweihander
Fire BugFire Bug Fire GemFire Gem


Launches a fireball horizontally

Can shoot through walls


ATK: +95

MAG: +10

Thunder BugThunder Bug Thunder GemThunder Gem


Small Vertical beam at Player's location. 


ATK: +95

MAG: +10

Ice bugIce Bug Ice gemIce Gem


Activates a shield for your character. It can help push enemies away from you as it rotates.

The spell is also nice in the fact that you can cast it and it will remain active even when Frostshard is not equipped


ATK: +95

MAG: +10

Zweihander upgrade chart

Zweihander Upgrade Chart

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