Note: Not to be confused with golden chests.

A chest.

Chests are found while exploring outside of towns. They are most commonly found within caves and dungeons. They contain up to three items and between 10-19 gold. 

Occasionally a golden chest may spawn instead, and these must be opened with the 'lockmaster' trait. They may contain even rarer and powerful equipment than what can be found in a usual chest.  

Potential Items within ChestsEdit

The following is a list of items that can be found within a chest, please note that items are not limited to this list, and so there may be other items you might find.

Also, this does not include the items that can be found in a golden chest either.

  1. Wood
  2. Wooden Plank
  3. Wooden Stick
  4. Ironite Ore
  5. Goldium Ore
  6. Diamonite Ore
  7. Raw Meat
  8. Cooked Meat
  9. Herb
  10. Shroom
  11. Root
  12. Ironite Bar
  13. Goldium Bar
  14. Diamonite Bar
  15. Small/Big HP Potion
  16. Small/Big Mana Potion
  17. Vial of Poison
  18. Monster Bone
  19. Monster Fang
  20. Monster Goo
  21. Raw Chicken
  22. Ironite Blade
  23. Goldium Blade
  24. Diamonite Blade
  25. Ironite Greatblade
  26. Goldium Greatblade
  27. Diamonite Greatblade
  28. Obsidian Sword
  29. Emerald Combat Axe
  30. Emerald Katana
  31. Zweihander

How Chests are GeneratedEdit

A number is generated between 1 and 3. This is the size of the array that holds the chest items, and therefore how many items are within the chest. For each part of the array, a number between 1 and 21 is generated, and fills that item slot in the chest. 

Gold is then set to a random value between 10 and 19.