Bosses ‣ Chicken King

Chicken King
Biome: Cave
ATK: 2
HP: 250
Experience:  ???
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Runs left and right, randomly jumps

The Chicken King is an enemy that is found in the Town. He will spawn randomly after killing chickens.

Multiple Chicken Kings can spawn in a single play through or even a single town.



  • Summon him, lead him to a lower platform where he can't jump out, then somehow get above him (using a platform or by jumping) and use Bolt or a bow to kill him.
  • Using the Summon Zombie (Staff) or a sword to kill him is not recommended. He can jump on top of the zombies, which won't do any damage while he's on them. With a sword, since he does contact damage, you are at a greater risk of taking damage.

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