Crater biome

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Crater Obstacle

Obstacle in the biome (click to see animation)

Door Crater

Crater Door

The Crater Biome is new as of Update 1.2.0 and it is by far the deadliest of all biomes. The Creatures here consist of Cosmic Skeletons , which move just as Fire Imps do, Space Butterflies, which shoot many magic projectiles, and a new boss, the Space Commander. This is where dreams come to die.

The obstacles from this biome are very much like the Volcano Biome obstacles, being a little fiery orb that deals 6 damage. The biggest difference is their color.

This area can also drop the Laser Sword and Laser Crossbow from chests, and has an increased chance to drop a Total Biscuit from chests too.

Crater Monsters
Space Butterfly - Cosmic Skeleton - Space Commander

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