Crystal Bow
Type: Bow
Made From: not craftable
Price not buyable
Crystal Bow

HP+ 0 ATK+ 0
DEX+ 6 MAG+ 0 Durability: 100

The Crystal Bow is a rare drop from the Crystal Quarry Biome. It gives +6 DEX. The bow consumes one arrow when fired.

How to useEdit

Equip any arrows (by pressing R and then putting the arrows in the slot above the rings). Wield the bow and right click to fire.

Tips Edit

  • Arrows are unaffected by gravity.
  • Shooting doesn't cause aggro, so killing mobs with the bow is trivial.
  • Shooting doesn't decrease the bow's durability, but melee attacks do.
  • If an arrows does not hit a mob, you can retrieve the arrow from the ground.
  • If enemies are close enough, they can all be hit by one arrow.
  • If enemies are running towards you, an arrow can hit them twice.


  • The Crystal Bow is based on DEX.

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