Biome: Volcano
ATK: 8 (fire balls); 6 (when touched)
HP: 150
Experience: 10
Is Ranged: yes
Attack: Fire Balls

The Fire Dragon can be found in the Volcano Biome. It attacks with three orange fire balls and can fly through walls.



Dragons are strong enemies that can be seen in the Volcano Biome. They are harder to handle than Fire Imps and Fire Ox.

Once aggro'd, the dragon will shoot three fireballs that goes in different directions and have individual speeds. The dragon will then fly in the air for a distance and stops, doing all of the above again. After aggro'd, the dragon can see you from a further distance. Sometimes the dragon may fly into walls, making archers and warriors having to wait until the dragon comes out of the wall.

The best way to handle dragons is to shoot it with arrows or use magic spells. For any players using melee, try hitting it with swords after the dragon has already released its fireballs and finished moving. If the dragon went into a wall, the only way to handle it is to kill it with a thunder wand.


  • It often happens that the dragon flies deep into a wall which makes it difficult to attack.

Volcano Monsters
Dragon - Fire Ox - Fire Imp - Black Dragon

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