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Towers that replace trees. (Size varies)

The dungeon biome is a biome available at the 7th district. The obstacles of this biome are some huge spiky balls that move in circles, dealing 4 damage on hit.

And, it is the only map that has a higher percent chance of spawning golden chests and normal chests.

one of the huge spiky ball



Genie: Fire demons stay stationary and float in mid air. Once they see you they will launch 3 fire balls at you in quick succession.

Skeleton Warrior: Upon seeing you, skeleton fighters will begin swinging rapidly their weapon and continue to charge forward, much like the tiki warriors.

Skeleton Archer: will shoot one arrow at you that will go in a straight line and fly through walls. Be very careful of the arrows as they can surprise you and knock you into the swinging balls.

Minotaur: Much like the boar in the jungle biome, the minotaur will charge towards you when it sees you but at a much faster rate then the boar.

Mimic: Mimics look like stationary chests and will attack you for 3 damage when you approach them. You can however spot a mimic by looking closely at the chest and seeing a red tongue that hangs from the chest.

BOSS Skeleton King: The Skeleton King is a big, flying Skeleton with a black robe, and what appear to be 4 blades. When aggroed, he will shoot a single fireball at the player and then fly towards him, similar to the bees from the forest biome. Each fireball deals 4 damage to the player.


The dungeon is very tricky because there are multiple projectiles and obstacles that have to be avoided while fighting multiple enemies. The biggest threat is a tie between the spiked balls and fire demons. Do not fight the fire demon unless you have a hard hitting form of ranged damage and try not to engage any enemies in the spiked balls. The next danger is archer skeletons, as they will knock you into the spiked balls, fire demons and minotaurs. However they have extremely low health and can easily be one shot by the time you get here. Get rid of these guys first as that will give you breathing room and let you advance. The smallest threat is the fighter skeletons and mimics, because both are easy to see in advance and can be prepared for without too much of a hassle.

Dungeon Monsters
Genie - Skeleton Warrior - Skeleton Archer - Minotaur - Mimic - Skeleton King