Fire Bow
Fire Bow
Type: Bow
Made From: not craftable
Price N/A
Fire Bow

HP+ 0 ATK+ 0
DEX+ 3 MAG+ 0 Durability: 100

The Fire Bow is a rare drop from the Golden Chests. It gives +3 DEX and also increases your damage by 30%. You can't double the damage with the fire wisp skill. The bow consumes one arrow when fired.

How to useEdit

Equip any arrows (by entering your inventory and then putting the arrows in the slot near the rings). Wield the bow and right click to fire.

Tips Edit

  • Arrows are unaffected by gravity.
  • Shooting doesn't cause aggro, so killing mobs with the bow is trivial.
  • Shooting doesn't decrease the bow's durability, but melee attacks do.
  • If an arrows does not hit a mob, you can retrieve the arrow from the ground.
  • If enemies are close enough, they can also be hit by one arrow.
  • If an arrow hits the ground and an enemy at the same time, the arrow can still be retrieved.


  • Arrows shot by the bow are on fire constantly, making it a permanent wisp attribute and deals 1.25x normal damage.
  • Similar to the Crystal Bow, which gives +6 DEX, the fire bow is based on DEX, adding +3 DEX.

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