Fire Ox
Fire Ox
Biome: Volcano
ATK: 6
HP: 150
Experience: 10
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Charge

The Fire Ox is unique to the Volcano Biome and is passive until it is struck. When hit, it will then proceed to charge like a Boar.

For some reason, Fire Oxen tend to stand on top of ore nodes, making it impossible to mine without simultaneously hitting the oxe. The ore behind them can range from Ironite all the way up to Diamonite.



The Fire Ox is a passive enemy and will not attack unless you attack it first. Note, however, that it still has an aggro range very similar to the Boar. Ranged attacks on the Ox from outside of its aggro range will not cause it to attack; However, if you move within its aggro range after having attacked it from range, it will attack.

Fire Oxen behave almost identically to Boars or Minotaurs, but they have a noticeably smaller delay before the begin a charge. They will not be knocked back if hit with a melee weapon while charging. If you are trying to kill them using a melee weapon, do not stand on top of them before swinging, as the Ox will immediately damage you when it becomes aggressive. Using a Jelly Sword to one-shot them is a viable strategy.

Fire Oxen seem to have natural damage reduction: All damage they receive is reduced by 1.


  • This is the last reliable source of monster hide, pelt and meat in the game, so if you are running low on these items, be sure to kill Fire oxes to stock up on food and leather.
Volcano Monsters
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