Biomes ‣ Glitch Biome


The Glitch Biome is a biome that is only available in multiplayer. In order to get to the glitch biome, you either have to go to District 20th and spam W while exiting the district, or do it on District 19th, which can, if done correctly, warp you to the glitch biome. In this biome, everything is boxes with Xs or ><s on them (skinny xs, to show that it is a half-block) and the towns are now switched, so instead of a town on every even district, it changed to a town on every odd district. This biome has no enemies or bosses. This biome is the 22nd and on. It is likely this biome is something to test the generator and left in by the developers. Since this biome has no enemies, if you want to die, you would have to either starve, get killed by the Scourges, or try to get the Chicken King.

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