Green Slime
Green Slime Animation
Biome: Forest
ATK: 1
HP: 10
Experience: 3
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Slime

 Large numbers of Green Slime lives in the Forest Biome. Often seen jumping back and forth mindlessly. It is a easy enemy slay.



The green slime is one of the easiest hostile mobs in the game, so you should not have much trouble with it. Slimes will always jump after a set amount of time. Simply stand out of range of the slime's jump (in case it jumps towards you), then wait for the slime to make its jump before running forward and hitting it.


  • Sean Young, posted the very first concept art for Magicite on twitter, featuring an early version of Green Slimes. [1]
  • Closely related to Blue Slime.
Forest Monsters
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