Hats are one of the types of equipment players can unlock and select for their hero. Each hat has its own conditions with which to unlock it. 
Hats Main
Each hat also provides an effect to the player, such as triple jump, extra stats increase, and even magical powers. The following table shows Magicite's hats, their description, mission, probability of being found, and their bonuses.

Guides to the hats are on this page "Basic Hats".

Name Image Description Bonuses Objective  % to Unlock
Gatherer Headband Gatherer headband The headband of Deephaven's Gatherer Guild. 25% chance of acquiring a random item when gathering ingredients. Collect 10 plants in a single playthrough. 20%
Miner Cap Miner cap Standard Deephaven Mining gear. 25% chance of obtaining an additional ore when mining. Mine 10 ores in a single playthrough 20%
Beserker Scarf Beserker scarf This scarf was worn by the legendary warriors who died fighting the Scourge in the early days of Deephaven. 33% chance upon leveling up to gain an additional ATK stat.  Defeat 10 enemies in a single playthrough 100%
Robin Hood Hat Robin Hood hat A hat fashioned from the finest threads Harvested from the Overworld. 33% chance upon leveling up to gain an additional DEX stat. Shoot 100 arrows in a single playthrough 20%
Magician Hat Magician hat This hat belongs to a traveling wizard cirus that performs dazzling spells and tricks. 33% chance upon leveling up to gain an additional MAG stat. Craft any magical staff in a playthrough 20%
Bunny Ears Bunny ears Ears that give your hero super human agility. Ability to triple jump. Play through Tundra Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Bat Wing Bat wing A hat fashioned from bat fur, teeth, and claws. The wearer becomes insanely quick on their feet! Dash distance is doubled. Play through Cave Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Tyrannox Hat Tyrannox hat A hat carefully crafted from Tyrannox hides and organs, a must have for any true Tyrannox fan. Summon highly toxic meteors when attacking with bare hands (attack based on MAG. Consumes 1 Mana). Defeat a Tyrannox in a single playthrough. 20%
Wasp Glasses Wasp glasses Safety equipment for Deephaven explorers. Required during cave excavation. Slows falling for hero. Increases running speed. Destroy a beehive in a single playthrough. 20%
Tiki Mask Tiki mask Magical mask stolen from the rabid Tiki Tribes, cursed with mysterious properties. 50% chance of gaining 3 HP or losing 1 HP when entering a new district. Play through Swamp Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Wizard Beard Wizard Beard Everyone knows that if you have a long flowing white beard you are very wise and better with magic. Casting spell have a 66% chance of not consuming mana. Choose all magical skills. 100%
Hero Crown Hero crown A crown fitted for a true hero of Deephaven. It's gold plating and ruby gem radiates with awe. 33% chance on level up to gain an additional random stat. Beat the game. 100%
Shroom Hat Shroom hat A smelly shroom cap from an actual Shroom. Upon taking damage, 20% chance of dropping a random ingredient from the hat. Visit Veldt Biome (finishing level not required).


Spider Egg Spider egg Its hard to keep up with the fashion in Deephaven. One not so popular trend is to put a Broodmother's Egg on top of your head despite it being very dangerous. Upon being hit, there is a 10% chance that a Broodmother Spider will spawn. Defeat a Broodmother 20%
Skeleton Mask Skeleton mask A cursed Skeleton mask. The wearer's chance of landing a critical hit is now 25%. Visit Dungeon Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Dragon Hat Dragon hat It is a sign of status and prestige, that is worn during festivals and special occasions. Attacking bare handed will shoot a fireball (damage based on Mag) consumes 1 Mana. Visit Volcano Biome (finishing level not required). 20%
Scourge Mask Scourge mask No one dares put a Scourge Mask on. The Scourge's flesh have demonic properties that drain its wearer's HP. Your HP will be drained by 1 every 2 minutes. Visit Scourge Lair (finishing level not required). 20%
Frost Crown Frost crown The Fabled Ice Queen's Crown. 20% chance to recover Hp when recovering a Mana point. Defeat Ice Queen. 20%
Viking Helm Viking helm Worn by the Viking Warriors who sailed the seas in the Overworld. 10% chance on attack to summon a giant Viking Axe to deal double ATK damage. Choose all Warrior Skills. 100%
Black Dragon Helm Black Dragon Helm The mythical and fearsome Black Dragon is one of the most deadly creatures in Deephaven. For the wearer, dashes and jumps no longer cost stamina. Defeat Black Dragon. 100%
Skeleton King Hood Skeleton King hood The Skeleton King wanders the Dungeons of Deephaven, capturing stray wanderers. Summon skeletons when attacking bare handed. (Consumes one mana) Defeat Skeleton King. 100%
Pirate Hat Pirate hat The very hat of Percyl the Penguin, who roams various parts of Deephaven, himself. Grants double the amount of gold for the wearer. Defeat Percyl. 100%
Sean's Head Seans head Thank you for all of the love and support for my game, I couldn't have done this without you. I hope you have many crazy and exciting adventures in Deephaven. This hat has no in-game effects. Use a cheat code. 100%
Overworld Helm Overworld helm A helm only worn by the Kings in the Overworld. This prestigious helm grants the ultimate defense. Reduce all incoming damage by half. Do not take a single piece of damage at all during the play through. 100000%


  • Each hat's bonus can be combined with race, stats, skills, and special abilities to be more effective. For example, a player who has a hero with an initially high DEX stat and low MAG stat might not want to use the Magician's Hat, rather, reshuffle their stats until the stats fit the player's intent.
  • There are known reports of hats not being won even with 100% probability. Magicite is always being updated, so check with forums and news feed to see if any particular hat has been fixed.
  • When the Overworld Helm splits damage in half, it will round down, so 3 is 1 and 7 is 3. (This also makes it possible to get hit for 0 damage from things that only do one point of damage)
  • Wearing the Miner's Cap doesn't actually give you straight 25% more ore than you usually would have, since the 25% is rolled every time you hit the rock. This results in, from a single rock, a 100% chance for one ore, a 37.5% chance for two ores, and a 6.25% chance for three ores.
  • The Frost Crown cannot be used in conjunction with Clairvoyance Skill. It also does not work with Gorgon's Eye regeneration. It only works with natural mana regeneration.