Unlocking Companions
Companion Name Unlock Requirement Unlock Hints
Regen Fairy Reach District 15 Easily done after learning the basics of the game
Ancient Bat Beat the game See the Beating Magicite guide
Haste Beetle Reach Level 40 Best chances are to go range and farm in Cave Biome and Dungeon Biome for brood mothers and skeleton kings since they drop massive amounts of experience
Gadget Guard Beat the game under Level 5 Prioritize player's move speed and use ranged attacks. Wait for XP to despawn before picking up dropped items. Use the Dungeon Biome to find gear which makes up for low stats
Floaty Slime Beat the game without chopping trees ?
Gorgon Eye Beat the game without interacting with NPCs Use Flame of Hope and the Robin Hood hat to level DEX quite high. Use lockmaster skill to get into gold chests, and pray to RNGesus for a flame bow. Prioritize Dungeon Biome for chests. Do not do anything in towns that involves pressing "W".
Ice Slime thing
Gooey Ghost Craft all three legendary swords in one game (Zweihander) Focus on collecting bugs early in the game, then enter as many dungeons as possible to get the swords. Can also be done in the same playthrough as many others, since the Dungeon Biome is a priority for Haste Beetle, Gadget Guard, Gorgon Eye, Flame of Hope
Flame of Hope
Flame of Hope Beat the game while having Ryvenrath's Scale equipped Same as beating the game, simply focus on entering as many dungeons and you are almost guaranteed to find Ryvenrath's Scale
4th aged drone
4th Age Drone Beat Madman mode ?

Also see Companions page for the benefits each companion gives.

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