Ice Knight
Ice Knight
Biome: Tundra
ATK: 4
HP: 35
Experience: 4
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Sword

This is an enemy unique to the tundra. They are a semi-heavy hitter and can also take a fair bit of damage.


  • Coins
  • No special items


They seem to move back and forth to confuse the player, but are very slow and it is very easy to dodge their charge attack. They may sometimes utilize a slash attack that can be slightly irritating to melee-oriented characters.

Note that when they fall, their back-and-forth movement actually slows their falling, so keep this in mind if ever battling them on certain terrains.

As with most enemies, it is advisable to use ranged attacks, such as a bow and arrow, or staffs if possible. If possible, getting onto higher ground and using the lightning staff to inflict damage would be the best option as you would be in a place to safely hit it.

Tundra Monsters
Rabbit - Blue Slime - Yeti - Ice Knight - Ice Fairy - Ice Queen

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