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Ice Queen
Ice Queen
Biome: Tundra
ATK: 3 (orbiting sprites);

4 (on touch)

HP: 850
Experience: 137
Is Ranged: No
Attack: FlyingCharge

The unique boss of the Tundra Biome. She will move slowly towards the player, even through walls, in an attempt to deal contact damage. Direct contact deals 4 damage to the player, while the two circling sprites around her will deal 3 damage.

Tactics Edit

This boss is particularly difficult because of her relatively high HP and the difficulty of approaching her due to the orbiting projectiles.

She can also spawn Ice Fairies (a ranged minion), after engaging her in combat, which can make the battle much harder if not dealt with promptly.

Therefore, clearing a large space without other enemies or hazards, then luring her to that area where her minions can be easily taken care of can make the battle substantially easier, especially if the player is taking the Melee path.

If possible, the best method of killing her is through the use of magic or arrows, as these can damage her without fear of being hit by her projectiles. However, due to her high HP, it should be noted that a good deal of arrows (or magic) must be used before she is killed.

It is generally advised to avoid fighting the boss unless the player is confident in doing enough damage, as it not only can waste a lot of resources, but it can also use up too much time, and the Scourge may invade before the player has a chance to kill her, or loot the stage any further, losing potential drops or resources. In these cases, poison is a viable solution as it can lower her HP by a significant amount.

Ice Queen
As for using melee weapons, the same general tactic for bees is used, where the player waits until she stops moving, and then dash in to attack her.

However, the orbiting projectiles and possibility of summoning minions makes this much more complicated. Generally, once the minions are spawned, it is better to take care of them first.

It is still better to get hit by the projectiles in order to avoid contact damage, as the minions only deal 2 damage, while the orbiting sprites deal 3, and contact damage with her deals 4 damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The orbiting projectiles around her resemble the ones created by Icebrand or Frostshard, but with only 2 orbiting projectiles. This also may be a reference to how she drops Ice Gems, a key ingredient in crafting either item.


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