2015-04-19 00002
2015-04-19 00003

me and my friend hydra173 went to fight the scourge wall and it was a meteor biome we got brought to a strange area where for me it was all purple but for hydra it was just white with blue outlines and we tried to get a spirit gem to fight the spirit boss and escape while we were on our way to get money we encountered the chicken boss and hydra's items arranged themselfs hydra saw shamans from the swamp randomly (sadly we dont have pictures) but we have pictures for most of the journey on the quest to get 2000 gold we got to around district 80 and it stopped playing normal music and only played the music for towns the same thing happened for the course of 10ish minutes hydra's images got corrupt but you can message him on steam to see if its true i sold everything i owned exccept arrows and my bow to buy the spirit gem