If you (or a friend) is new to Magicite, and wants to learn how to play as a team, look no further.

First off, I'd suggest that at least one player has Potion Brewer, and distributes them accordingly. More information on the Traits page.

Next, find out who is best as each "class". For instance, you want someone nimble that won't get hit as a fighter class. In older versions it was harder to balance out classes, but with balancing in the game, any classes combo can work.

For class info go to page:

He're some other tips n' tricks!

1: Only let one person have the pickaxe. You will spend far less resources without having to spend them on pickaxe upgrade for every person (2 ingots per upgrade!) and you will also conserve space only having one player hold the ores.

2: Go to the cave biome at least once. the caves hold many ores, as well as tons of string, so the wizard can get a net and start catching bugs.

3: Cook all of the food at once. Don't waste coal on multiple fire starters. Cook it all at once!

4: Think of the mage's abilities, and other's abilities, to plot out a good plan for tackling a room. nothing is more frustrating than everyone spending all of the potions in one room.

5: Reviving other teammates is something you should put somewhere on the middle of your priorities. Remember: only one player is requires to pass the level. Don't be stressed out if your friend's body is stuck in a swarm of spiders. Just keep calm and finish the level. However, if the room is clear, ALWAYS revive teammates first. Besides, they are bound to start begging you to revive them anyways.

That's all. Hope this helps in your adventures!

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