Natural Obstacles are entities in biomes that are on a set track, cannot be removed, and will do damage if touched.

Spike BlockEdit

Found in the forest, this moving block comes in two sizes and will do 1 point of damage if touched.

2014-07-09 00002

Bigger block


Small block.

Fire SpoutEdit

Found in the volcano biome, this ball of fire will do 6 points of damage if touched.


Not for marshmallows.

Poison MushroomEdit


Attacks 'spore-adically'.

Found in the swamp, these mushrooms rhythmically shoot balls of toxin into the air and will do 1 points of damage if touched.

Crystal SwordEdit

Crystal Trap

Spinning Crystal Trap

Found in the crystal quarry, these swords swing in a circle and will do 2 points of damage if touched.

Swinging MaceEdit


Mind you're head!

Found in dungeons, these balls of death often make it difficult to progress without getting hit. They will do 4 points of damage when touched.



A huge falling snowball.

Crater Obstacle-0

Found in tundras, these will fall from off screen going down, in groups of at least two. They will do 2 points of damage when touched.

Purple Bubble Things Edit

Found in the Crater Biome these obstacles are very much like the Volcano Biome obstacles, being a little fiery orb that deals 6 damage. The biggest difference is their color.


Gif does not work.

Crater Obstacle-0

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