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Percyl the Penguin
Biome: Forest
ATK: 4
HP: ~600
Experience:  ?
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Charge/Leap

Percyl is the penguin pirate of the forest. He will attack the player in two different ways. The first, he will slide on his belly toward the player, similar to a boar charge. Secondly, he will leap at the player, trying to land on them.

Loot Edit


Percyl is the most dangerous enemy that can be encountered in the Forest Biome. He is more difficult to deal with than the Tyrannox due to his high HP pool and constant movement. It is advised to stay away from him if you do not have a lot of damage, as he will take a very long time to kill and reduce the time you have to explore the rest of the biome.

Percyl has a fairly large aggro radius, but will only aggro if you are standing on the same horizontal level than him. If you are on a higher platform before he has aggro'd, you can kill him from a range while he doesn't move. However, after aggroing, Percyl will continuously perform his two main attacks even if you move to a higher area.

It is easy to tell which attack he is going to do, giving the player enough time to react: Percyl will get down onto his belly before doing his belly slide attack, while he will raise his sword for a short time before performing his jumping attack. Percyl will also sometimes perform a quick sword chop attack, though this is fairly uncommon.

To dodge the belly slide, simply jump into the air as he slides towards you. To avoid his jump attack, back away from him when you see him raise his sword and stand in the middle of his jumping arc, where he cannot touch you.

An easy way to beat him is to wait until he charges/jumps, then hit him once or twice when he is standing around. Note that, unlike on other bosses, your attacks will cause full knockback on Percyl. Get as many attacks in as you can before he prepares for his next attack, then dodge accordingly depending on what he does. Repeat this process until he dies.

Ranged characters can kill him quickly and easily provided they have enough arrows. Percyl is a large target and has a long recovery period from his attacks. If your arrows can deal 15-20 damage to him, it will take around 30-40 arrows to kill him, but this method is much faster than using melee, especially if you manage to target him without aggroing him.

Percyl Jump Sprint


  • Percyl is an ally in the game Grapple Force Rena.
    GFR - Percyl
  • Percyl makes an appearance as a playable character in Super Indie Karts Grand Prix
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