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Pickaxes allow you to mine minerals from veins.

Image Output = Item + Item Dur. Price Yields*
Pick Handle Pick Handle = Stick + Axe Handle - ? -
Wooden Pick Wooden Pick = Pick Handle + Wooden Blade 50 90



Stone Pick Stone Pick = Pick Handle + Stone Blade 55 130 Coal,



Bone Pick Bone Pick = Pick Handle + Bone Blade 60 130 Coal,



Ironite Pick Ironite Pick = Pick Handle + Ironite Blade 80 240 Coal, Stone,

Ironite, Goldium

Goldium Pick Goldium Pick = Pick Handle + Goldium Blade 160 600 Coal, Stone,

Ironite, Goldium,


Diamonite Pick Diamonite Pick = Pick Handle + Diamonite Blade 250 1400 Coal, Stone,

Ironite, Goldium,

Diamonite, Crystal Fragment

*everything above ironite requires the vein to be coloured accordingly

Beginners Crafting GuideEdit

To craft a wooden pick from scratch you will need 3 wooden sticks and 4 wood (2 wooden planks). Follow the four steps below.

Replace Wood with the desired ore for a different Blade.

Wood + Wood = Wooden Plank

Wood + Wood = Wooden plank

Wooden Plank + Wooden Plank = Wooden Blade

Wooden plank + Wooden plank = Wooden blade

Wooden Stick + Wooden Stick = Axe Handle

Stick + Stick = Axe Handle

Axe Handle + Wooden Stick = Pick Handle

Axe Handle + Stick = Pick Handle

Pick Handle + Wooden Blade = Wooden Pick

Pick Handle + Wooden Blade = Wooden Pick

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