This page will feature all the stats, buffs, and debuffs that potions provide. Potions are ingame drinkable, or throwable glasses containing liquid that can replenish your health, replenish your mana, and can throw poison or acid like substances onto yourself or enemies to cause a poison like effect.

HP Potion

  • This heals +2 HP and can be obtained from a number of different mobs, mainly Green Slimes and different Spiders and Chests. It can also be made by combining two Herbs. Combine two HP Potions into a Big HP Potion for an extra +1 HP for +5 HP.

Mana Potion

  • This heals +2 Mana and can be obtained from destroying herb patches. It is a rare drop from a chest and some higher level mobs. Combine two Mana Potions into a Big Mana Potion for an extra +1 Mana for +5 Mana.

Mysterious Potion

  • This item is created by combining a Root with an Herb or Shroom. It is also a rare reward from some mobs and chests. The effects are totally random and you may get multiple sips out of each one. The potion could heal MP or HP, damage you or cast a poison cloud like Vial of Poison. It is not advised to use these as a replacement for HP Potions or Mana Potions but in a pinch it can help. This can be upgraded to Big Mysterious Potion.

Big HP Potion

  • The Big HP Potion is a potion that restores 5 HP. It is made with 2 HP Potions. If the player has the Brewer ability they can get a Big HP Potion instead of a normal HP potion 50% of the time when crafting 2 herbs together.

Big Mana Potion

  • This is usually created by combining two Mana Potions together. However with the Potion BrewerTraits you can create them 50% of the time when combining two Shrooms. This is one of the most popularTraits as it gives you a 60% increase in your Mana restores, or an extra +3 Mana.

Big Mysterious Potion

  • This is usually created by combining two Mysterious Potions together. However with thePotion Brewer Traits you can create them by default when combining one Herb and oneShroom. This is one of the most popular Traits as it gives you a 60% increase in effectiveness; however with the Big Mysterious Potion it is unsure what benefit, if any, you will get..