Rock Mimics (also known as Rock Crabs) can be found in either the Veldt BiomeCave BiomeCrystal Quarry BiomeVolcano Biome,Swamp BiomeTundra BiomeDungeon Biome, or the Forest Biome. In brief, every biome except The Scourge Lair and not quite sure but neither in Crater Biome

Rock Mimic
Ironite Rock Crab
Biome: Any except Scourge Lair, Crater and Forest
ATK: 2
HP: 15
Experience: 4
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Charge

It used to be in the Forest Biome but now in version 1.2 with the addition of the Crater Biome it no longer spawns since the Forest Biome stopped appearing in higher districts (from 11 to 18), where it used to spawn into (Never in first district).



You must be aware of its appearance since it is not easy to distingish it from a common rock (Non-Colored), and even harder in biomes that exert pressure on the player (due to Scourge invasion) like dungeon or volcano ones.

Once spotted they are easy to take down since they have only 15 HP, if expendable throw an arrow or cast BOLT magic since fireball may hit eggs in cave, or kill a distant enemy as well, causing loss of EXP


  • The way to find out if Rock or Mimic is to look closely and see if it is steping the floor, if so, that's a mimic, not a rock so get ready to battle, not mining.

    The rock Mimic is on the right. Spotted the difference?

  • Some enemy movement or spells casted move this fake rock when contacted, as do some hazards(like spiky spinning balls in dungeon) that may also move it making it efforts to stay hidden useless.
  • The Rock Mimic is one of the most annoying enemies and also the most common since it appears in most of the biomes and since it is hard to spot it, it ruins the "Overworld helm" challenge pretty easily.

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