Ryvenrath's Scale
Ryvenrath's Scale-0
Type: Shield
Made From: Chests
Price N/A
Ryvenrath's Scale

HP+ 10 ATK+ 3
DEX+ 10 MAG+ 5 Durability: 50

A shield obtained from chests giving +5 HP, +2 ATK, +2 DEX, +2 MAG.

Ryvenrath's Scale is the one of the best shields in game, being matched only by the Scourge Shield and the Paladin Guard. It is better than the Diamonite shield.

Commonly found in the Dungeon Biome.

If you beat the game with the Ryvenrath's Scale equipped you will unlock the companion Flame of Hope.


  • Ryvenwrath's scale guarantees a positive buff from Ryvenwrath's altar. (Tested in 1.5.0, is possible to get -1 ATK from Ryvenwrath with Ryvenrath's Scale equipped.)

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