Scouge Wall
Biome: Any
ATK: 9999 (on touch)
HP: 999999
Experience: 8 (drops herb and/or raw meat)
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Charge (touch)

{{delete}}(Reason being there is a page under the correct name "scourge guardians" referring to the same thing)

The Scourge are enemies that appear in groups of five. They appear after 5 minutes in any district (besides towns) or at the beginning of any district in madman mode (besides towns). When that happens a message that says, "The Scourge have invaded! Get Out" appears and the music changes. As this appears The Scourge will spawn and slowly move toward you from the left. To avoid them run to the right and exit the level. You can fight them but they deal 9999 damage. The scourge can be killed with poison vials, due to poison vials damaging enemies by 20% of max life.


They appear as massive dark purple skulls with a red cyclops like eye. They have Purple Thorns and teeth; only a top row, no bottom. A purple mist trails behind them.