Scourge Head
Scourge Head
Biome: The Scourge Lair
ATK: 4 (projectile); 5 (on touch)
HP: 100
Experience: 8
Is Ranged: yes
Attack: Projectile

Scourge Heads are found in the Scourge Lair biome. These floating heads attack with pink projectiles that deal 4 damage.

It is recommended you deal with them quickly as they can shoot through walls, and tend spawn in large groups. The best way to handle them is with magic or a Laser Crossbow if either are available. Dodging their projectiles and focusing damage on the Scourge Wall is also an option, but is difficult to master, especially when the heads spawn in large groups.

Scourge Lair Monsters
Scourge Wall - Ghoul - Scourge Worm - Scourge Head

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