Scourge Wall
Scourge Wall
Biome: The Scourge Lair
ATK: 5 (darkness balls); 75 (on touch)
HP: 4000
Experience: None(Game Victory on defeat)
Is Ranged: Yes
Attack: Darkness Balls (projectile)

The Scourge Wall is the last boss of the Magicite and is only located in the Scourge Lair or in the start of every district besides towns in Madman Mode. The Scourge Wall will slowly move across the screen from left to right and shoots purple projectiles in the general direction of the player. After the Scourge Wall is defeated, the game ends.


Clearing the floor prior to facing off against the Scourge Wall is highly recommended. This allows for easier dodging and maneuvering while confronting the Scourge Wall, as its attacks despawn after a certain distance.

In terms of ease, magic and archery based builds fare much better than melee users due to the nature of the Scourge Wall's attacks, as they're much easier to dodge from farther away.

Players who find themselves unprepared can mine the Scourge Lair exclusive crystal shard mining nodes as long as they are equipped with a diamonite pickaxe. Combining two crystal fragments grants an offensive consumable item that travels like an arrow and deals 150 damage. The projectile has a greater width than an arrow and cannot be retrieved if it hits any form of terrain. Relying solely on crystal shard projectiles for damage will require a grand total of 27 consumables or 54 fragments, assuming that no shots are missed, although it is highly unlikely that 54 crystal fragment mining nodes will spawn in a single instance of the Scourge Lair. The Gathering Trait and Miner's hats are highly recommended if players plan on only using crystal shards. Bring back up equipment to be safe.

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  • The Scourge Wall is immune to poison vials.
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