Scourge Worm
Scourge Worm
Biome: The Scourge Lair
ATK: 6 (when touched)

? (meteors)

HP: 100
Experience: 10
Is Ranged: yes
Attack: Summons meteors while revealed.

The Scourge Worm is found in the Scourge Lair, suddenly emerging from the ground when the player gets near (and stays there). They don't directly attack the player, but do occasionally summon meteors that deal contact damage, just like the Tyrannox. When touched, they deal 6 damage to the player.

Strategy Edit

These can be a pain as they deal 6 contact damage, provide no warning, have a relatively high amount of HP, and also cause projectiles to rain down. Usually these can result in a blocked path or cause it hard to move forward without taking any damage.

The fact that so many of these can spawn is possibly one of the reasons why they can be so annoying, but if you can take care of these quick enough so that you can focus on the Scourge Wall and other minions, then you'll find beating the game substantially easier.

The best way to deal with them is to spam fireballs ahead of you before progressing into the lair, kill them just as they pop out. However, this can prove difficult when you are attempting to handle the other creatures in the lair.

Another, perhaps easier way (especially if going ranged) would be to take note of how much damage you deal and memorise how many times you need to hit them before their HP goes to 0.

In fact, if your melee damage (especially if at the speed of a sword instead of a greataxe) can kill them in a single hit, a good option would be to quickly switch to your melee weapon whenever they show up and promptly take care of it with a single swing, as they cannot charge at the player nor fire projectiles at them.

Scourge Lair Monsters
Scourge Wall - Ghoul - Scourge Worm - Scourge Head

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