Shroom Soldier
Shroom warrior
Biome: Veldt
ATK: 6 (axe hit); 4 (when touched)
HP: 50
Experience: 4
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Axe Hit

  The Shroom Soldier is found in the Veldt Biome. It uses a Great Axe to attack, so the attack takes some time. Thus, the Shroom Soldier doesn't really pose much of a threat when alone and attacked thoughtfully.



The easiest ways of defeating this monster are range attacks, like the Fireball-staff or bow-and-arrow.

However, if you must go melee, a good option is to attack it with the back-and-forth strategy; getting close to it to make it attack, dashing (with Q and E) out and in, when it's finished its attack, and hitting it.

It's important to notice the animation which plays as the Shroom Soldier is about to attack (raising the axe up, before slowly swinging it down). Doing so can allow you to avoid getting inflicted by 6 points of damage, which is quite a significant amount.


Veldt Monsters
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