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You earn a skill every five levels. Each skill is sorted into one of three categories, which you can choose from when you hit level 5, 10, and 15.

The trees include the red Strength tree, the blue Intelligence tree, or the green Dexterity tree.

When you hit level 5 which skill path you want to use. The exact skill you gain for each path is chosen at random. You may choose any combination of skills, for example: clairvoyance, fire wisp, guardians aura. Your 5th level skill is activated by pressing Z, 10th level skill is activated by pressing X, and the final 15th level skill is activated by pressing C.

Melee Skills Edit

Name Edit

Appearance Description
Charge Skill Charge You and your allies gain 4 speed for 20 seconds.
Knight's Blade Skill Knights Blade Perform a great jump launching a large blade downward that deals damage based on your ATK.
Throwing Axe Skills Throwing Axes Throws an axe horizontally that deals damage based on half of your ATK.
Berserker's Rage Doubles ATK for 10 seconds.
Guardian's Aura Reduces damage taken by 10 for 20 seconds.

After choosing three warrior skills in one run, you will unlock the Viking Helm.

Magic Skill Edit

Name Appearance Description
Clairvoyance Skills Clairviyance For 10 seconds, you rapidly regain mana.
Levitate Skill Levitate Makes you fly for a limited amount of time. (Description: Make your friends jealous)
Warp Skill Warp Teleport left or right based on cursor location. (Note: In some rare cases, this ability can be exploited to teleport behind the final boss and survive his approach.)
Necromancer's Minion Skill Necromancers Minion Summon a minion at your cursor's location. Shoots fireballs. (Note: Damage appears to be equal to MAG and shoots about 6-7 shots or until killed)
Magic Weapons Skills Magic Weapons Buff you and your allies weapon to deal bonus damage equal to your MAG for 10 seconds.

After choosing three magic skills in one run, you will unlock the Wizard Beard.

Ranged Skill Edit

Name Appearance Description
Hunter's Roar Skills Hunter's Roar You and nearby Allies gain 10 DEX for 20 seconds
Dire Wolf Skills Dire's Wolf Summon a wolf that runs around and kills enemies

Druid's Arrow

Skills Druids Arrow Perform an extra jump while summoning an awesome arrow. Based on DEX (the damage is equivalent to your DEX skill)
Triple Shot
Skills Triple Shot
Next shot fired will shoot 5 arrows with double damage. Consumes 5 arrows.
Fire Wisp
Skills Fire Wisp
Summons wisp at cursor location. Arrows passing through will deal 2x damage.

Bugs: The dire wolf skill, when used in a town, can cause 5 boss chickens, and 30 normal

chickens spawn. this is not recommended, as it will make the exit door unavailable.

But you can do what you want so feel free to try it.