Swords increase the amount of damage done by the player.  

Recipes Edit

The craftable swords generally only give an increase in the attack stat, and are formed by crafting a Sword Hilt and a Wooden, Stone, Bone, Iron, Gold or Diamond blade together.  

When crafting these swords, there is a slight chance that additional stats may be added on (extra HP, Dex, Mag, or perhaps even more Attack than normal). The chance of this can be further increased with the 'Artisan' trait, as seen in this test here.  

Basic Swords
Image Output = Item + Item Durability Price ATK
Sword Hilt
Sword Hilt = Wooden Plank + Stick - 30 -
Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword = Wooden Blade + Sword Hilt 50 70 +2
Stone Sword
Stone Sword = Stone Blade + Sword Hilt 55 110 +4
Bone Sword-1
Bone Sword = Bone Blade + Sword Hilt 60 110 +4
Ironite Sword
Ironite Sword = Ironite Blade + Sword Hilt 80 240 +8
Goldium Sword
Goldium Sword = Goldium Blade + Sword Hilt 160 600 +15
Diamonite Sword
Diamonite Sword = Diamonite Blade +

Sword Hilt

250 1400 +25

Unique Swords Edit

These uncraftable swords can be found inside Chests or Golden Chests, sometimes only in specific biomes. Some enemies may also drop swords, and certain races will start with these swords as well.

Unique Swords
Image Name Price ATK Additional Stats Found in
Emerald katana
Emerald Katana - +11 HP +2 Lizardman, Chests
Emerald combat axe
Emerald Combat Axe - +11 HP +2 Chests
Obsidian Sword
Obsidian Sword - +30 HP +5, Dex +2, Mag +2 Chests
Lightbringer - +27 HP +5, Dex +5, Mag +5 Golden Chests
The Philibuster-0
The Philibuster - +55 - Djinn, Golden Chests
Jelly Blade
Jelly Blade - +100 -3 HP Drop from Jellyfish
Scourge Blade
Scourge Blade - +30 +2 HP, +2 Dex, +2 Mag Golden Chests
Laser Sword
Laser Sword - +75 - Chests in the Crater Biome

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