The Philibuster
The Philibuster
Type: Great Axe
Made From: Volcano or Dungeon Chests
Price n/a
The Philibuster

HP+ 0 ATK+ 75
DEX+ 0 MAG+ 0 Durability: 65

The Philibuster is a large weapon that has the same attack speed as a greataxe. It can't be crafted but can be found with the starting items of a Djinn or found inside chests in later biomes, such as the volcano or dungeon biome.

Each attack consumes one mana and creates a fiery explosion equal to attack, allowing you to potentially deal double damage in many cases.

Trivia Edit

The Philibuster is named after the legal move known as "Filibustering", which is a technique used to extend the debate of a law potentially infinitely.

It could also be a reference to the military use for the word, which is whena member of the military goes against orders to start conflict in a foreign country to start or support a rebellion.