The rythenrath theory. Rythenrath once lived in the over world before the scourge came. He had two brothers ,the White wyvern and the black dragon. All three of the brothers ruled over a part of the land, the White wyvern ruled over the skies, the black dragon ruled over the underground and rythenrath ruled over the ubove ground. In the years leading up to the scourges arrival the food was going bad. The plants were dying killing the plant eating animals and it went up the food chain until it reached the top. Rythenrath and the White wyvern were affected badly but the black dragon was not because the underground hadn't been as contaminated. The White wyvern and rythenrath were getting desperate for food so they had to raid the nearby villages the villages who were already running out of food couldn't take the dragon attacks much longer. So thy called axlearkIII and his family to come and fix the problem. AxlearkIII was given the task of killing the White wyvern and he succeeded. His dad axleark II was given the task of killing rythenrath which he also succeeded at it. Once he returned to the village he and axelarkIII had a massive feast with all the villages. Everyone was having a great time I mean who could blame them dragon meat is pretty tasty. Then a messenger arrived with bad news. Axelark I had gone missing in the caverns of deephaven looking for the black dragon. AxelarkII began to pack immediately to rescue his dad but before he left one of the servents gave him a shield made from one of rythenrath scales. Alas it was not enough he got lost in a crystal quarry and turned into the crystalized hero as for the shield made from rythenrath so scale, it was lost in a chest. After not returning for weeks axelarkIII set of to find his father and grandfather. Sadly he to was killed and he turned into a spirit of deephaven. And as for grandpa he'd found his way into a deephaven canal and to this day he happily swims with the qualogs.