Tiki Clubsman
Tiki Clubsman
Biome: Swamp
ATK: 2
HP: 15
Experience: 4
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Spidercharge

 The Tiki Clubsmen are fierceful fighters who are found through out the Swamp Biome.

They charge at the hero with great speed while swinging their club.

It appears to be wearing the Tiki Mask hat, which has a 20% chance of being obtained for entering this biome.



Because the Tiki Clubsman charges fairly fast try to take him out with a ranged weapon. No need to take unnecessary damage. Please feel free to add some tactics.

Another tactic is to approach him then back when he charges. If done correctly you can slay him easily since it continues charging. Don't jump behind or he will turn around as fast as he charges. Avoid this if you are at the end of a platform, he could fall on you.


Swamp Monsters
Slug - Tiki Clubsman - Tiki Mage - Mimic

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