Traits provide small bonuses to your character upon creation of them. Your character has two traits, which are randomized each time you press the 'Randomize' button.

Name Effect
80px Aggressive +2 ATK, -1 DEF
80px Artisan +10 LCK when crafting weapons or gear.
80px Big Eater Hunger cap is doubled.
80px Defensive +4 HP, -1 ATK
80px Gatherer 50% chance to collect twice as many ingredients when gathering. (Note: This only pertains to grass patches.)
80px Healthy +2 HP
80px Intelligent +2 MAG
80px Lockmaster Allows you to open Golden Chests
80px Miner 50% chance your Pick will not lose durability.
80px Potion Brewer 50% chance to craft big potions with only basic ingredients.
80px Swift +2 DEX
80px Woodcutter 50% chance your Axe will not lose durability.
(Pickpocket) Pickpocket Chance to steal gold from citizens by walking past them.