Biomes ‣ Tundra Biome

Door Tundra

the portal that led to the tundra biome


a huge falling snowball

The tundra biome is a biome available at the 1st district. It is probably the most dangerous biome of the first district because of the yeti and the falling snowballs. The obstacle of the biome are some huge snowballs that deal 2 damage. The Ice Queen is also found in this biome. The Ice Queen stats can be found here.



An extremely large number (9) of Ice Fairies spawned in one big group. Not sure why it happened.
Ice Fairies

I couldn't run fast enough.


a tree from the tundra biome

Tundra Monsters
Rabbit - Blue Slime - Yeti - Ice Knight - Ice Fairy - Ice Queen

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