Bosses ‣ Tyrannox

Biome: Forest
ATK: 3
HP: 100
Experience: 16
Is Ranged: no
Attack: Charge, summons highly toxic meteors (falling green stones)

The Tyrannox is an enemy that is found in the Forest Biome. After killing a Tyrannox, you have a 20% chance to get the Tyrannox Hat which is similar to the King Skeleton mask, but is much easier to obtain, he's also a perfect source of experience on low levels.

You may run into multiple Tyrannox's in a single district.



Despite his intimidating appearance, the Tyrannox is extremely easy to kill if you are familiar with his attack patterns.

The Tyrannox can initially only see horizontally, and will aggro if you are on the same horizontal level and close enough to him. After being aggro'd, he will try to walk towards the hero. If you are above him, he will walk back and forth underneath you. The Tyrannox will always walk a set distance before stopping, roaring, then walking towards the player again.

His main attack is to slowly walk towards you and bite you. Tyrannox's secondary attack is to summon green meteors from the ceiling that fall on a vertical path. As of v1.6, he will not summon these meteors if you are above him. These meteors can cover a large portion of the map, but can be dodged by sidestepping them.

Tyrannox can be easily defeated by an Orclops with the Bone Sword early game if you are a somewhat experienced player.

The general tactic is to back away slowly and swing a melee weapon as he walks towards you, while leaving a small space between his hitbox and yourself. Your attacks will cause a small amount of knockback, keeping him from touching you. When he stops walking and roars, use it to your advantage to get a few extra hits in. Note, however, that this stopping and roaring is the same animation as when he uses his meteor attack. Be ready to dodge falling meteors should he use this attack.


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