Look at this video made by UnlimitedAmmo, this guide can tell you how to get the Overworld Helm

This helmet requires EXTREME luck and skill. Do NOT expect this helmet to be easy to get.

UnlimitedAmmo Magicite - Overworld Walkthrough, Every biome sans Quarry V1.147:59

UnlimitedAmmo Magicite - Overworld Walkthrough, Every biome sans Quarry V1.1.5

UnlimitedAmmo's strategy involves the Dwelf and archery, which is in most people's opinions, the easiest way to get the Overworld Helm.

Many people also like the Wasp Goggles because it lets you line up your shots. (UnlimitedAmmo link)


Another Youtuber to look at is ZwodahS, he makes videos about doing the challenges to unlock certain hats and companions. He has made a video showing him trying to get overworld helm, and after 4 unsuccessful archer runs, he finally managed to succeeded on his 5th try with a mage, so it all just depends on your play style.

Magicite Episode 15 -No damage taken -5 - Success!!!!!!-43:15

Magicite Episode 15 -No damage taken -5 - Success!!!!!!- (ZwodahS link)



  • SHOOT THE ROCKS; the mining rocks can be monsters, more then a couple people have lost doing by getting hit by them.
  • Be careful, do not take ANY risks, you see a chest with 2 boars and a wasp around it and you have no arrows? SKIP IT, do not take that unnecessary risk, you can never be too careful.
  • Don't give up! You will rage, you will quit, you will say you will never play the game again, but don't give up, or its all for nothing!
  • Practice a lot, unlock most of the hats before you try to get it, know the biomes and all their dangers.

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