Hello everyone  I have a little question for you (sorry if I make mistake but I am french). what would you want to see in the future of magicite? personally I would like to see:

big vial of poison (vial of poison + vial of poison). more damage and larger area than vial of poison.

root + root = vial of poison.

flower petal (can be gathered)

flower petal + flower petal = ATK potion (give +5 ATK for 15 seconds)

flower petal + root = DEX potion (give +5 DEX for 15 seconds)

flower petal + shroom = MAG potion (give +5 MAG for 15 seconds)

flower petal + herb = INC potion (can't loose hp for 5 seconds)

big ATK / DEX / MAG potion (give + 7 --- for 30 seconds)

big INC potion (can't loose hp for 12 seconds)

shroom + herb = magic regeneration

air bug (new bug)

air bug + air bug = air gem

air gem + stick = wind staff ( create a little circle around the player that knockback enemies (doesn't deal any damage))

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