Havel the Hoarder
In the chance you need some coins, Havel the Hoarder could help you get that last few coins you need for that Diamonite Pick

But what if you never had money problems?

The Wood Selling Guide:Edit

Use an axe to chop down trees to get wood and sticks, sell them for 1 Coins each at Havel the Hoarder.

  1. Clear the level, getting to the town is very important.
  2. Go back and chop down trees; try to get at least half a stack (50) Wood before the scourge invades.
  3. Get to the exit when you've accumulated enough wood and are happy with the amount.
    • (Optional): If you're a risk taker, and want that extra dough, keep chopping until the scourge arrives and RUN, this shouldn't be a problem if you've cleared the level first though.
    • Alternatively, you can chop while going through the level, but you might get hit a lot by monsters beating you up.
  4. Sell all that wood at Havel the Hoarder, each one sells for 1 coin, but if you have 50 that can net you some cash!
    • (Optional): If you aren't an archer, and don't need a large quantity of Wooden Sticks , then you can sell them too, giving you double the amount of coins!
    • (Optional): If you have no need of low tier arrows and have extra stone/bone, you can craft stone/bone arrows for an exponentially larger amount of coins.


If you use a better axe, you get more Wood and Wooden Sticks per swing.

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