Wooden Bow
Wooden Bow
Type: Bow
Made From: Unstrung Bow,
Price 200
Wooden Bow

HP+ 0 ATK+ 0
DEX+ 0 MAG+ 0 Durability: 100

The wooden bow is a great early-game weapon and a starting item of the Dwelf race.

The bow consumes one arrow when fired.

How to useEdit

Equip any arrows (by pressing R and then putting the arrows in the slot above the rings). Wield the bow and right click to fire.

Crafting Edit

It is made from a String and an Unstrung Bow.

String + Unstrung Bow = Wooden Bow

Tips Edit

  • Arrows are unaffected by gravity.
  • Shooting doesn't cause aggro, so killing mobs with the bow is trivial.
  • Shooting doesn't decrease the bow's durability, but melee attacks do.
  • Arrows that do not hit mobs and only the landscape can be picked up.
  • If an arrow hits the ground and an enemy at the same time, the arrow can still be retrieved.