Bosses ‣ Yeti

Biome: Tundra
ATK: 4
HP: 150
Experience: 16
Is Ranged: yes
Attack: Charge/Tri-shot

The Yeti is found in the Tundra Biome.

It appears to be the Tundra's equivalent to the Tyrannox, but with a higher speed, better projectile attack and higher damage.



The yeti can prove to be a difficult enemy when using melee. It is advisable to:

  • Use the bow or magic
  • Try to stay above the yeti as he is capable of throwing large snowballs in front of him

If you wish to fight the Yeti using melee:

  • Walk backwards while attacking with your sword/axe
    • This is similar to fighting the tyrannox, but do not swing constantly as the Yeti will be able to catch you. Two to three swings per charge is advised.
  • When he begins the snowball animation, jump up in the air. The snowballs only spread over distance, so it is very easy to dodge them at close range by moving vertically
  • NEVER get trapped in a corner. Jump over the Yeti to get him to charge in a different direction


  • The old version of Yeti [[1]]
Tundra Monsters
Rabbit - Blue Slime - Yeti - Ice Knight - Ice Fairy - Ice Queen

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