Type: Great Axe
Made From: Chests
Price N/A

HP+ 3 ATK+ 50
DEX+ 0 MAG+ 0 Durability: 200

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This is a semi-common reward from Chests in most biomes, unsure if it is all but it seems likely. The attack speed is like a great axe. Below is an upgrade chart where you can use specific gems on the Zweihander to get different upgrades. Crafting with a gem (ex. Fire Gem) will turn the weapon into a ATK +95 and MAG +10 sword that casts the spell of the respective element gem that was used to make the upgraded version. It is recommended that you exchange a staff if you have one for one of the elemental brands, as it does much more elemental and physical damage. However the staffs can cast much quicker.

Crafting Edit

You Can not craft Zweihander, However you can combine it with elemental gems. Which you can make from elemental bugs.

Zweihander upgrade chart


Trivia Edit

Despite being listed as a Great Axe ingame, the Zweihander is actually a large Greatsword originating in Europe during the Renaissance. Zwei means "two" in German, which makes it's name literally "two-hander", despite the character using it with only one hand, which explains it's terrible speed.